About Us


Tim Drabandt is a freelancing director, cinematographer and editor.
He was born in Northern Germany in 1988. After finishing high school he collected a lot of media experience by doing internships and jobs in different design agencies and film productions. In 2010 he went to Africa, Kenya, for the first time to do some voluntary work in an orphanage, mainly teaching arts. In the same year Tim started studying media design, specialized on film and video, at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover – up to now. In between, he took part in film-, media- and design-workshops in the USA, China and Latvia. Moreover, he went back to Eastern Africa serveral times to continue with voluntary projects. In 2013 Tim did a semester abroad at CPUT film school in Cape Town, South Africa and lately moved to Berlin for working in a film production.

„Every human being is part of a big project: future earth – the future of our beautiful blue planet.”


Davis Ngalah is a Kenyan musician, audio producer and filmmaker.
He was born in 1981 in Western Kenya near lake Victoria. After graduating from secondary school in Nairobi he moved to Europe for a few years to study abroad. When coming back to Kenya he co-founded the internationally-renowned and BBC-award winning group YUNASI. In the last 10 years the group toured in Europe, Asia, Australia and Eastern Africa. Their songs are played in Kenyan radio and TV. Moreover, Ngalah opened up his own music production studio “Mtu Kawaida” where he is working with young national and international upcoming artists. Additionally, he is a co-founder of the voluntary organisation “Slum Sanaa Art Centre”, mainly teaching young children from needy backgrounds in music and dance.

„I believe that our young ones should find the world a better place than we found it. So let’s make the change that we need!”


JIBU is a Kenyan Hip-Hop group which was founded in 2009.
It consists of 13 members aged 11-15 years, all of them are from the slums “Mathare” and “Huruma” in Eastern Nairobi, Kenya. John, Naasir, Dajan and Zane are some of the main members and the number is continuously growing. The name JIBU is a Swahili word which simply means “answer”. In the songs the kids are talking about their aims, fears and hard life in slum areas. JIBU is part of “Slum Sanaa Art Centre” where they come thrice a week after school to be taught and practice their songs. Slum Sanaa is a Kenyan voluntary organisation doing all kind of creative projects, such as singing, dance, theatre, painting and much more. The organisation has the goal to discover talents from the slums, to bring hope to those children and to give them a piece of normality in their life.

“Once we’ve grown up and are a known group we want to do community work as well.”


George Imara is a Kenyan musician, composer and songwriter.
He was born in 1993 in the Rift Valley region of Kenya, grew up in a slum at coast in Mombasa and later moved to the capital Nairobi. His musical career began when he was 10 years old at a local church in Mombasa, ever since then he has been involved with different bands, such as “Roots Mombasa”, “Sauti za kwetu”, “ONE band” and “Iwayo band”. He is performing at several Kenyan festivals, mainly singing and playing the guitar. After finishing secondary school, he additionally became a volunteer at the “Slum Sanaa Art Centre” where he is heading the music classes.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”