As we got a lot of positive resonace for our work we are planning to do bigger film projects with the slum kids in future. All our projects are based on voluntary work but still every production creates a lot of fixed costs. Therefore, we are glad for any kind of support.

One of our big future projects is going to be a short feature film. It will be about a child growing up in one of the worst slums of Eastern Africa, then as a youth starting a career using his given talent. Though working hard, the character has to overcome a lot of barriers to reach the final goal which is becoming a well known artist who is confident with life. Of course friendship, family and relationship will also play a big role in this movie. With the film we are going to try showing and explaining the wish of almost every slum child who is aspiring to a big aim for escaping poverty.

Furthermore, the group JIBU is continiously working on new songs that need to have a music video for making it public and known in the internet.
If you want to support the CHANGE WE NEED project we will appreciate to hear from you:

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